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Its almost too clich√© to bear to say that I am always re-learning my relationship to photography. But it’s true. A year is enough time for the ground to shift significantly for me, but also for the medium…. Read More


A sun and a moon. A blink of an eye again. In twelve months it is inconceivable where our feet fall.¬†Mine have covered some ground. My shoes, the aged reliquarys of adventure, are always at the frontier of… Read More


As the sun sets on another year, I am as ever mining through my archive of the last twelve months. Through the full seasonal spectrum I still make time to document the trivial little signals in the world… Read More

“Where do you think you’ve been?”

A good question! Hello and happy new year at last. I would like to offer alibis about being wrapped up in projects and work and shoots and equipment and lists and images, but I’ll hold off. My 2012… Read More