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Harry Benson

Yesterday I had the rare and great honour of photographing legendary Glaswegian photographer Harry Benson. He spoke to a group at Waverly Gate about his life with a camera and his work at large, covering stories for magazines… Read More


At the moment the posts aren’t exactly ten a penny. It has been all festival over here for the last two months (you may have noticed) and what a joy it has been to be able to lift… Read More


Huge apologies all. I haven’t forgotten about our corner of the web over here, it is long in need of a dusting though. Like all troughs, there is a huge crest of activity coming this way. Stay tuned… Read More

Festival : on

 It has arrived! Today is the first day of the Edinburgh International Festival and it is time to get to work. I want to get a series of posts rolling over the next month that show the tiny… Read More