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I shot CHVRCHES for this month’s cover of The Skinny.  We all deserve a hardy pat on the back for this one: turning a blustery, overcast Glasgow evening into an awesome colourful set of images.  And Heckle of… Read More

LeithLate – Shutter Project

Over the last 6 months, my local Leith Walk has had its grey and shady veneer peeled away to the vibrant, motley heartwood underneath. Leith has always had the handle of being a colourful neighbourhood, but the curatorial… Read More

Found at Sea

Spring-time, and I am still sharing images from Winter! The first production of the year from the Traverse Theatre will be opening this week as a work in progress. Me and the Traverse worked together on the poster… Read More


Over a year ago I spoke of a  message from the blue. I have learned to pay attention to little signals around me since. Tiny reminders impossible to ignore, like meeting yourself in a mirror unexpectedly. This wet… Read More

Back to the Stage

All eyes on deck! At one fell swoop, here are my images from the recent and brilliant theatre productions I have had the pleasure of working on over the last month. All Scottish and all highly contemporary in… Read More

Uptown, driver!

Here we are again The unavoidable throng. The snails pace circuit. The pockets full of flyers. The familiar sights that for every year-round resident of Edinburgh, sends a shiver of dread. Your own backyard colonised and overrun! But… Read More

Come into the Parlor

Yo what’s up MTV? From the old to the new, bringin it to ya     -PIMP MY TOILET- <cue gyrating models and bouncing grills> On the  s i t t e r s calendar this week is the SCE… Read More

s i t t e r s 2 0 1 1

This is it. All the cards are up and  s i t t e r s  has come to an end. I am absolutely floored to be able to finally reveal the bounteous fruits of all the hard… Read More

Get Ready…

Sitters from eoin carey on Vimeo. Only 2 days to wait! Keep your eyes peeled on the blog on Friday to see the final images from  s i t t e r s. e

The final push

  Night is setting on the shooting of  s i t t e r s  i am glad to report. With over 21 successful shoots in the bag it is running into deadline territory and time to curb… Read More