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The Best Seat in the House

The din of a festival rings in Edinburgh’s ears. 2014 roars by still. For the last three years I have watched the closing fireworks concert from the best seat in the house. Photographers are allowed into the gardens… Read More

Artist Residence – Before Colour

Time flies when you’re having fun. Before I know it it is Tuesday again. A dusty carbon sky hangs over Glasgow. So where has this week seen me? Detailing my project with Team Effort! and opening my eyes… Read More


A sun and a moon. A blink of an eye again. In twelve months it is inconceivable where our feet fall.┬áMine have covered some ground. My shoes, the aged reliquarys of adventure, are always at the frontier of… Read More

Har Harr

There is a lot to be said for the cold and the rain to bring out a darker side of the imagination. Mid May, and I was expecting a slow incline of daylight and a steady blooming of… Read More

Goodbye summer

I like it in Scotland when you can talk about a season with no reference to the weather. Summer is a strict MayJuneJuly affair, rain or shine (or rain). So now that it is just at its end… Read More