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    I’m a really happy man. Theology, a bold and charismatic new production by Martin O’Connor, has just ended its run as part of The Arches Behaviour Festival programme. Performed in The Pearce Institute, a stalwart heart of… Read More

In Time O’ Strife

I feel pretty grateful to hold this document in my hands. A playtext, precious on two counts. Firstly, In Time O’ Strife, the latest production from NTS. Its genesis in the writings of Joe Corrie, a beautiful but… Read More


This weekend ushers in the end of The Arches Behavior Festival for 2013. A heady five weeks of completely new work for the stage from Scottish and international artists. Eclectic and contemporary as only the Arches can, even the term “stage” is… Read More


There’s no fooling anyone now, Christmas is truly upon us. I say it every year but it has taken me by surprise, again. Though I have no excuse. Over the last few weeks I have been working on… Read More

Back to the Stage

All eyes on deck! At one fell swoop, here are my images from the recent and brilliant theatre productions I have had the pleasure of working on over the last month. All Scottish and all highly contemporary in… Read More

An Appointment with Greg Hemphill

I had the great pleasure of shooting Greg Hemphill for the pre-production poster of the National Theatre of Scotland‘s new show that launched in Aberdeen on Tuesday. I am biding my time and praying to my diary for… Read More


In one long overdue sweep of the hand, here comes a round-up like never before. Over the next few weeks i have a deep reservoir of work to excavate from the last few months. Live music, theatre, pop-up… Read More

Back in the fish tank

Some of the crew from The Wind up Bird Chronicle at the Kings Theatre A few more visual updates from on and off the stage at the Edinburgh International Festival. Semiramide at the Festival Theatre  The Revenge of… Read More

The smoke and mirrors

In many ways when we stand to applaud, we clap for what is immediately before our eyes. A procession of performers or a slight genuflection, the celebration is signalled and we are on our feet, gushing praise. We… Read More

Forward March

 Performances are fully underway after a busy weekend of openings and celebrations. Edinburgh is properly mobbed and seats are packed. Get a glimpse…   Wu Hsing-Kuo performs a one man visual feast in King Lear at Edinburgh’s Lyceum… Read More