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Tara 2

Not long ago, I talked about meeting someone for the first time. The most interesting element of our introduction was solely to produce a photograph. That was the original idea anyway, part of a project involving 50 photographers to… Read More

Insider’s Guide to Edinburgh

For all you jet-setters this month, check out my profile feature on Edinburgh for Aer Lingus’s CARA magazine. Photos AND text. Get me! Huge credit to Albie for my portrait. Thank you to all the featured companies for… Read More

Quiz Show

The house lights have come up on the Traverse Theatre’s first full production of 2013, which finished a sensational run last weekend.  But I couldn’t be happier its over. Quiz Show is a rare double-edge sword for a… Read More


This is Tara McKevitt.  Tara is a writer, and as I have learned, many other things. The learning is at the very beginning though, and it is a two way exchange. Tara has been selected by the Traverse… Read More

Found at Sea

Spring-time, and I am still sharing images from Winter! The first production of the year from the Traverse Theatre will be opening this week as a work in progress. Me and the Traverse worked together on the poster… Read More

Back to the Stage

All eyes on deck! At one fell swoop, here are my images from the recent and brilliant theatre productions I have had the pleasure of working on over the last month. All Scottish and all highly contemporary in… Read More

Traverse Fringe

The Traverse during August. An institution in its prime. Dark and underground, with its mellow, modern climate. Tucked underneath all the commotion like an emergency shelter. Like some patient sentinel, offering cool sanctuary to the martyrs of this… Read More


So this is where we are. One helluva round trip coming up! Just back in Scotland after a week of diamond weather and amazing shooting in Kohler, Wisconsin,  working alongside Hamish Campbell and the Kohler team on some… Read More