Month: January 2010

The Gangster’s city

In this case its Don Carlos. And what an exercise it always is with him. How can an impromptu shoot with hopeless weather, locations getting closed as soon as you get going, gear getting damaged and you just… Read More

Studio Doub le

That was us indeed in the studio. Not the most hospitable environment for someone whose teeth have been cut in the lovely outdoors. A playground without power packs and light meters and cabling. A stomping ground of walls… Read More

3. Stop: Three awesome bubblegum photos

Dan Winters – Arnold Schwarzeneger Jason Bell – Wanda Sykes David Yeo

The language of laughter

I think it is a rightly phenomenal thing, laughter. I can think of few things that can make me laugh more than someone else laughing more again. Their hapless resistance. Just hopelessly committed to great barrelling throes of… Read More

Christmas portraits- Jello

No indeed, she couldn’t escape

Christmas portraits- Niall

In my home over christmas you can be sure of all the normal traditions. Taking portraits is up there