Month: February 2010

Cramon(d) How continental.

Last thursday the 17th was international Dani day, so i grabbed the nearest one and sought to celebrate as best I could. We took the bus to a dewy, goooowwwwwlden Cramond, poked about its peer, strolled through the… Read More

Moving up.

Building on some brilliant portrait research last year, and with the madly creative encouragement of Sola, we had some fun last week. Spot the difference? Be my guest. But it is a funny lesson in creativity. Sometimes exactly… Read More

Living for the weekend

Major action packed end-of-week full of debaucherous liaisons and half coherent sentences!?Oh ho ho ho! Anything but for the protagonist Eoin Carey…             ….our story picks up with him at his computer, destitute, not hours from his last post…… Read More


And thus is it all about at the moment.  Not a good whine at how time consuming post-pro is, cos i could whine away but i’d be wasting valuable editing time:) But along the same lines i feel… Read More