Month: March 2010

Morningside Montessori

Or do not. ? Here are a few RAW’s from our first half day shooting for Morningside Montessori Nursery. In: a mad rush and: 2hours, we pulled together some beautiful images. The old adage about working with children… Read More

Deep fog

I love the fog. Then again i am an unwavering pedestrian to the soles of my shoes. But come ON…check that fog? Its like a bridge to a different world, not as severe as snow is, but it… Read More

Strollin’ with the homies

Indulging in the finest of luxuries this week, meeting with some estranged but dear mates (Yeah, Real people!) It simply is where its at. Me, The White Whale and The Other Eoghan took to the Mosque kitchen for… Read More

Playing CATch-up

So if im beginning work with children i may as well bumble on to animals too. And hark.                                             Me, the lovely Andrea and the “adorable” Cosmo put up a nifty backdrop, some lights and set the mooood… Read More

Cleaning up a mess

  I’ve scattered myself to the four winds to get some projects done. I can announce with great pride that I have proposed and begun a documentary project long on the burner as part of my college graded… Read More

A hand in everything

Even…my own photos. I took this when out on the search for InFrA ReD light this week. Using an IR filter over the camera, the sensor only receives infra red light, so the entire image is red with… Read More

A monday of accolades

A few weeks ago one of my photos was selected as the winner (by the college’s entire photographic department!?) in a competition organised by one of my classmates. There’s a few notables here: ahem Firstly, wow-what? This is… Read More