Month: April 2010

Wedding update

Taking a sly look back at some of the weddings I have shot since the start of the year. What pleasure still, working as a team with Hamish. This selection has been  edited from some of the gorgeously… Read More

Eighteen flavours of Prague

Finally tucked into the trove of imagery from our trip Czech side. These are the last traces of relaxation from the Easter break as semester3 opens up with its big swampy arms, inundating me…with tasks. Decided to cut… Read More

Sometimes I feel like…

…i’m playing pool with my dad. Cues are chalk-less and broken. The white is sunk. The black is sunk. Both are sunk accidentally in an impossible embarrassment. Round and round and round the table. Your aim is true,… Read More

Smoke off

Just last week I grabbed Steph from First Coast and gave her some very very vague instructions and the threat of photography. I had some hardcore specifics in mind for some images along the post-war Noir, classique lines…. Read More


I’ve un-shouldered my bag and deflated it of all my spoils. It doubled in size by virtue only of the generosity of my parents (pretty much like i did). The finest savory potato delights from the house of… Read More

Mo Cahh Moneh

Fulfilling a short term promise of mine this Thursday when i pull into the Czech Republic’s splendid Prague. I’m flying over to see my Dad and my bro Dave whose on erasmus south near Brno pulling furniture asunder… Read More