Month: May 2010

Hey Fandango

I’ve hopefully reached a level where i hope to stay. Shooting in the plush surrounds of my own living room a few weeks back, we had the full sha-bang: roses, champagne, cigars and yes, yes two agents of… Read More

Summer Flowerbed

Though it seems like we’re in the clear?  It can’t still be winter – Surely Not! Still, i’m unconsciously flinching down towards my keyboard like some great invisible threat is hanging over me…from the clothes rail in the… Read More

Butterflys on white

Hitting the shelves and shoulders in a range of couloirs. This season’s must….have….  is the butterfly! Catch one if you dare, they are literally Fuh-lying off the shelves. And….that’s enough of that. I’m totally in the wrong career…. Read More