Month: June 2010

Boys with bananas

Olliethekid bought a bike yesterday! He just woke up and said “right, im not going to stand for this any longer. I’m buying a bike.” And hark on the horizon, he comes! He turned up to Rocket at… Read More

Fest-ering away meanwhile

The Edinburgh International Film Festival. What happens when a young man is welcomed to the bosom of a kindly, altruistic organisation, given the unrestrained charges of charming the public and minding the staff, fixed to the spirit and… Read More


Its now or never. The end of a first year and the post submission lull- after a scramble of prints and a deluge of proofing and checking- and i am very happy to say that i am launching… Read More

When the rains come down

They come as one hell of a surprise! Once again, the weather stands right out at the forefront of conversation (like we secretly wish it to) and, ahem…. once again, it leaves everyone standing in for cover. Out… Read More