Month: February 2011

Base Camp: Image 2

To the Forest Cafe on Bristo Square for image number 2. The Forest used always run a strictly non gendered toilet policy, which left patrons feeling incredibly new age if not sometimes a little surprised and apologetic. Which… Read More

Base Camp: Image 1

After almost a month of gruelling, detail grinding planning, I am proud to say that sitters is away! I have just finished the first shoot and i could not be happier. Nothing could be finer than cutting my… Read More


So, so, so. I believe I mentioned lots of excitement and projects on the cards at the cusp of this new year? And when, you ask, do i expect to deliver this great cache of schemes, hmm? Well… Read More

Join the dots

The blueprints are showing through! I’ve been busy tying up my ideas with the locations and the sitters for the project. From all the images and material i’ve found, not to mention all the toilets, i am starting… Read More

You don’t say

 The search continues! The obsession deepens…. I think i can safely predict that not a man alive will hate a toilet like i will come summer. But, for the meantime wrap your eyes around these gems! Another week… Read More

Holiday Snaps!

A very snowy trip to Edinburgh’s Hillend last December, when the snow was piling high and excitement was to be had. The film came out of course, what better occasion. And with a cameo photographer appearance Ahem. Don’t… Read More

w a n t e d – Locations for glamorous purpose!

You there! Does one have extensive experience in the enlightened field of sanitations? Has one exclusive knowledges of latrines and closeted plumbing besides? Your service may be directly availed and in great demands – read onward one and… Read More