Month: March 2011

On tour: the journey continues

Ride on! Things on the s i t t e r s  front have been very busy recently. Arthur’s not had an easy time of it either, we’ve both been hard on the trail (and the bus) working… Read More


Yes. At long last the undeniable is upons. It is the crystal clear, milky blue truth of spring. All around the pavements are hot, the grass is lush and brimming with lazy bodies. The coat cupboard is rightfully… Read More


Its been an empty few weeks for this poor blog, discarded in favour of bigger fish. While everything is going swimmingly over at sitters, and a project from nothing is turning into a project with a lot. Running… Read More

On Tour: Arthur’s Seat

First round out in the big world for Arthur, and where more appropriate than the landscape that inspired his name, up Arthurs Seat in Hollyrood park. This image has always destined to be no ordinary image, oh no…. Read More

The ace in the sleeve

There are only so many toilets in the world. So far permissions have not always been granted, the project  has been received with uncertainty, people forget appointments and others just don’t want to be part. These are all… Read More

Three, four, five: Keeping it live.

Sorry for the absence, i’ve been rounding off a very healthy week of shooting! And when im not in front of the computer, i like nothing better than  to be carrying 20kilos of photography equipment around town. Hello,… Read More