Month: October 2011

Hanging On

All under way! After all the recent talk of the frame, 34 brand new frames have just arrived for your viewing pleasure at The Hub, home of the Festival 11: The Big Picture. This is the long anticipated… Read More

Frame On

Whoa- ho! Here it is, the blog’s 101st post. A new chapter, a new story, a fresh gust of air. And all that. But behold! Apart from the mania of moving flats, reshuffling my possessions (to the bin)… Read More


At the moment the posts aren’t exactly ten a penny. It has been all festival over here for the last two months (you may have noticed) and what a joy it has been to be able to lift… Read More


Huge apologies all. I haven’t forgotten about our corner of the web over here, it is long in need of a dusting though. Like all troughs, there is a huge crest of activity coming this way. Stay tuned… Read More