Month: February 2012

An Appointment with Greg Hemphill

I had the great pleasure of shooting Greg Hemphill for the pre-production poster of the National Theatre of Scotland‘s new show that launched in Aberdeen on Tuesday. I am biding my time and praying to my diary for… Read More


   Put the brakes on and ask yourself this – What would you do if you were given one day? Not a workday or a holiday. Not a Monday, not a Thursday, not any day of the week…. Read More


2012 Campaign for Sublime shot last year, finally unveiled. We sat down in September to talk about a way of bringing that elusive more across through Sublime’s photography for 2012. A unisex salon with diversity coming out its… Read More

“Where do you think you’ve been?”

A good question! Hello and happy new year at last. I would like to offer alibis about being wrapped up in projects and work and shoots and equipment and lists and images, but I’ll hold off. My 2012… Read More