Month: August 2012

Au Fol Espoir

At the end of a mega month, with a huge backlog to expose from all the shows and stages, this post comes first for one reason. Watching the sheer event of the castaways of the Théatre du Soleil… Read More

Speed of Light

So what about the rest of this mad month? As a one man epitome of August, I have been  running around.  Nothing new for me, so given the opportunity to turn my frantic occupation into performance art, how… Read More

Traverse Fringe

The Traverse during August. An institution in its prime. Dark and underground, with its mellow, modern climate. Tucked underneath all the commotion like an emergency shelter. Like some patient sentinel, offering cool sanctuary to the martyrs of this… Read More

Uptown, driver!

Here we are again The unavoidable throng. The snails pace circuit. The pockets full of flyers. The familiar sights that for every year-round resident of Edinburgh, sends a shiver of dread. Your own backyard colonised and overrun! But… Read More

Take The Plunge

A long overdue visit home to Cork over the weekend for resting, bombing and catching up with my nobility to see me in a fighting state for the big bout. If you have been trapped in cave for… Read More