Hey, you in the Fishbowl!

I have been threatening for ages but I have finally started a new personal project. Its winter again, and if you don’t feel even a little underwater in the darkness, then you’ve got dark secrets of your own!

For the rest of us, I would like to have some fun. I am looking for 7 people to join me in my fish bowl. I am going to create a unique portrait of each of you (complete with your own species of fish!) I really want this to be a spontaneous and open body of work so I am inviting everyone to apply.

How can you get involved?
Share this blog post on your Facebook Page and in the comments section, in a single word, write the fish you wish to join you in your portrait. Everyone who successfully shares this post will be entered into an old-fashioned raffle, from which the 7 will be selected.
It is open to anyone in Scotland. It involves a free one hour portrait session with me and a fine art print once the project is complete.
If you are looking for a way to dispel the darkness this winter look no further!
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*nudity or ludicrous hairy chest not essential

Back to the Stage

All eyes on deck!

At one fell swoop, here are my images from the recent and brilliant theatre productions I have had the pleasure of working on over the last month. All Scottish and all highly contemporary in their own ways.

First up, Ka-boing, is Random Accomplice’s The Incredible Adventures of See Thru Sam, which just finished its tour in Edinburgh’s Traverse a week back. Take a gander at their excellent website and admire Johnny McKnight’s comic book flair!

 And for my inner teenager, at my inner back of the bus:

I was invited to Perth to shoot Horsecross Theatre’s production of The Odd Couple last month. A rewritten female version of the classic 60’s play and film. Sensation overload: with a really sumptuously 80’s set, wardrobe and palette that I literally didn’t know where to look! On top of everything the downtown NY accents and antics had me rightly tickled.

Finally this month I had the pleasure of working for the first time with my fabulous Leith neighbours Grid Iron on their proudction of The Authorised Kate Bane, which finished its run at the Trav last week. It was a really atmospheric and wintery production and has done more to get me excited for the cold months ahead than all the tinsel and jingles that characterise the start of the season. It was great to work around such an intimate set and I was more than encouraged to get “in amongst it” which, as you know by now, there is nowhere else I would rather be.


Palma Violets Live

October. Oh dear.

It hasn’t been a cut and dry case of all work/no fun over here for the last 2 months, but what has materialised is a bad case of the Blog Block! With two months of commercial and performance work sitting in the bag, I don’t even know where to begin in showcasing it. So in trusted fashion, I am going to begin at the end, and possibly show everything in reverse…  maybe even etirw gnihtyreve sdrawkcab. We’ll have to wait and see.

But for now, I feel a little more at ease that winter has settled. What better way to spend a dark, uninspiring evening than cramming into a sweaty club and getting your ears blown off by some brilliant live music and clearing the head. And so it was last Monday, fresh from 2 months of work and play that I can’t think to talk about, Palma Violets and excellent support at Electric Circus on a dark Edinburgh night.

Why not live in the present for once.