Finally finally, NEW work.
Last Friday, The Photographers Collective opened the doors on their annual exhibition, Collection 3, to a busy and earnest reception. Growing and expanding year on, this year they invited 3 photographers to showcase their work alongside them for their show. Earlier this year I was asked along and, only too flattered, set the wheels in motion to curate or shoot a new body of work for October.
D U O is what emerged from 2 years of colour film work from my small travels. Researching which project to hang for the Collection, I was in a new position. I had the opportunity to publish new work that had yet to be given a name, but I wanted something to engage with the exhibition as a whole. It has emerged nevertheless from small conspiracies. My relationship with travelling is intrinsically rooted in film in favour of digital, which I have written about already here and here. A growing archive of overlapping themes and styles from different countries has blossomed into this small study in unity.

The exhibition is open until Friday in Out Of The Blue, Dalmeny Street. An extended edit of the project is below for those who can’t make the show. If it was me though I wouldn’t need a reason to get my red gallery troosers out, come one come all.

In Time O’ Strife

I feel pretty grateful to hold this document in my hands. A playtext, precious on two counts. Firstly, In Time O’ Strife, the latest production from NTS. Its genesis in the writings of Joe Corrie, a beautiful but largely obscure Fife poet and playwright. “Obscure” may be an unjust description of this striking and humbling career, but it does hint at the ephemeral coincidence and fortunes that brought his writings back to the stage in 2013. A reminder that some of the most brilliant works spend a lifetime on the verge of never happening.

Secondly, this is my first published playtext. With images from my shoot with the company during rehearsals, the script becomes a more immersive medium to get lost in Corrie’s writing. I was sat front row centre last week for the opening of the production’s short run. A brave seat choice, as Joe Corrie’s words crystallised before us into a thunderous and emotional wave of stark, politicised energy. But gratitude remained as the smoke and lights cleared. To have worked on something so unintentionally evasive enjoy only a fleeting run. It felt that history was being made and remade on a torrential October night in Kirkcaldy.

In Time O' Strife Cast - Hannah Donaldson, Ewan Stewart, Tom McGovern, Vicki Manderson, Paul Tinto, Owen Whitelaw, Anita Vettesse - eoin carey photography
Hannah Donaldson, Ewan Stewart, Tom McGovern, Vicki Manderson, Paul Tinto, Owen Whitelaw, Anita Vettesse

Ewan Stewart as Jock - eoin carey photography
Ewan Stewart as Jock

Ewan Stewart and Anita Vettesse

Anita Vetesse as Jean - eoin carey photography
Anita Vetesse as Jean

Ewan Stewart as Jock
Owen Whitelaw and Hannah Donaldson
Owen Whitelaw and Hannah Donaldson

Hannah Donaldson as Jenny - eoin carey photography
Hannah Donaldson as Jenny

Owen Whitelaw as Wull Baxter
Owen Whitelaw as Wull Baxter

Paul Tinto as Bob - eoin carey photography
Paul Tinto as Bob

Vicki Manderson as Kate - eoin carey photography
Vicki Manderson as Kate

Tom McGovern as Tam - eoin carey photography
Tom McGovern as Tam

Jennifer Reeve - eoin carey photography
Jennifer Reeve

MJ McCarthy, Jennifer Reeve, Johnny Scott, Adam John Scott - In Time O' Strife Band
MJ McCarthy, Jennifer Reeve, Johnny Scott, Adam John Scott