The City of Love. That unshakable catchphrase.

Paris is a city like many others, but with an amorous hallmark that leads hoards to its banks to discover (or rediscover) the ancient fervour of love. A deception no doubt greatly coveted by the tourist boards. It suggests love on tap from every rue and every window like fashion and framboise.

The truth though, is that love is everywhere. Love is such a strong visual component of the city like its bridges, its rough sleepers, its cigarettes, its dogs, its metro, its haze, the ubiquitous baguette. It does exist, but separately from all the fanfare and hyperbole. Do not expect smouldering damsels and nautical strongmen in a libidinous embrace on every corner. Love has a quiet presence throughout.

This project is not concerned with cracking the deep mystery of love, instead it is occupied with the visuals, that, on the surface at least, love is simple. Intimacy and comfort and the strong will to want to be together. And in this city, a great tapestry is woven from dreams and heartache and the infinite tiny gestures and promises two people make to each other.

This project was produced with assistance from the Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility fund in April 2011.

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