Tag: Documentary

The Fountain

I took this photograph last night. It marks the most recent advance in a long list of failure. Failure isn’t something widely talked about, especially by those fraught with it. And especially not, by photographers. I am lowering… Read More


This is the image i submitted as my final print in our exhibition last friday. At the end of 2 weeks of some very heavy shooting it makes a huge impact being able to see the fruits, ripe… Read More


Whatever gifts and superpowers we wish we had, there are two that seem to have attached themselves to me. The first is beginners luck, and the second is the sense of direction of a homing pigeon. Two pretty… Read More

Paris: le doc

Documentary chat 101. The reason i am in Paris at all is on a work experience project funded by a European educational foundation. The nature of bringing us here is to allow us two glorious things. To explore… Read More

Bienvenue a….

After all the moving and shaking over the last few days, here here! Everything is well settled and far from remaining so in the beautiful capital of France. After what was really quite a seemless travel episode, the… Read More

La France

Alors! For the next two weeks I will be off to Paris as part of an educational exchange programme funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci foundation. This means that yes, the toilets are on hold for now and… Read More