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Its almost too cliché to bear to say that I am always re-learning my relationship to photography. But it’s true. A year is enough time for the ground to shift significantly for me, but also for the medium. This blog is a good example. In the world of broadcasting images, even a well tended and lovingly updated online diary struggles for traction next to the manifold digital highway. The internet isn’t a slow place anymore. And its permeation day to day makes our lives feel the same, distracted to the point of distraction. And so this place lies dormant, unable to match the speed my mind and my work move at.
But a year has passed nonetheless. So this post is no attempt to explain away the decline of the blog, nor is it a typical review of a year complete with boastful proclamations and grand ambitions. After all, it is about the only time of year we are allowed to think slowly about the past and the future, as we transition into a new year. It remains as ever, just another thankful nod to the camera. The constant change that my eye is always noting. Fastening down faint irregularities and profound expressions beyond the point of memory. As I think about all the activity ahead, there is a deep gratitude for all the little things I see and the stories I begin to tell, the non-moments that stop me. Frames of someone else’s world that build up the small picture, of what it is to be living in 2015.

Hawaii, Glasgow
Glasgow Market
Single tandem, Amsterdam

Glasgow bus station
Highlands Scotland

Brighton Pier
Dog Tongue

Glasgow Skyrise
Bus Stop


A sun and a moon. A blink of an eye again.

In twelve months it is inconceivable where our feet fall. Mine have covered some ground. My shoes, the aged reliquarys of adventure, are always at the frontier of my expeditions. They are retired with grace and ceremony as the months wear them away. Parting with them, in their gait warped state, always brings a tugging reluctance. Twins of stability, accessory to my safe passage. Their silent companionship remains through the rain and frost of another year. They are seldom acknowledged for their service to how I see the world. But whatever I see through my camera, I wait for, on foot and on the street. 
Here at the end of a year when so many things have happened, the compulsion to remember the major events often obscures the beautiful phenomenon of three hundred days passing unmarked. On my travels, I have picked up milestones in pictures. An esoteric measurement of the seasons that I search out or capture in passing. I have no way of predicting what the next year has in store, what I do know is that I will keep searching in the street for reminders of life playing out, and that I will probably need new shoes.
Happy new year.


As the sun sets on another year, I am as ever mining through my archive of the last twelve months. Through the full seasonal spectrum I still make time to document the trivial little signals in the world around me.
 Here is 2012 and here’s to 2013.
Happy new year


“Where do you think you’ve been?”

A good question! Hello and happy new year at last. I would like to offer alibis about being wrapped up in projects and work and shoots and equipment and lists and images, but I’ll hold off. My 2012 has had a much humbler start with 3 weeks back home in lovely Cork for Christmas and a week shredding up the powder on the pistes in Andorra. Take a look at the Dude Gang adventures from Soldeu, and our mad skills:

Soldeu 2012 from eoin carey on Vimeo.

So no excuses really! Though I am well rested and recharged and ready for a whole year of work and totally new things.

The first exciting news is that it is eoincareyphoto.com  O’ Clock! I have finally launched my website and I am well excited. It is nice to have a slick online space to showcase myself commercially which opens up this ol’ blog to more of my tricks and foolery. A nice spring clean on the visuals of the blogspot should also ensure a little more creative posting than the last months have seen. So step inside my office.

It is a standard to make some sweeping optimistic statement at the start of the year, but I have more on my side than generics. It is not only the year of the Dragon and the London Olympics, but most importantly, the Year of Creative Scotland. It is an exciting and energetic time to be living in Scotland for a plethora of reasons. Since we got our major cataclysms out of the way in 2009,  I plan on making the most of the events and art on show this year, travelling around the country and absorbing as much inspiration as I can. Any ideas? I would like to hear them!

Happy to leave work and plans until next time. Fun for now, it is still Winter.