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In this new world of ours, It is so rare that we exchange things for payment. So last week I swapped a haircut, for a portrait. Thanks Lesley, I’m as handsome! e

Hey, you in the Fishbowl!

I have been threatening for ages but I have finally started a new personal project. Its winter again, and if you don’t feel even a little underwater in the darkness, then you’ve got dark secrets of your own!… Read More

Come into the Parlor

Yo what’s up MTV? From the old to the new, bringin it to ya     -PIMP MY TOILET- <cue gyrating models and bouncing grills> On the  s i t t e r s calendar this week is the SCE… Read More

s i t t e r s 2 0 1 1

This is it. All the cards are up and  s i t t e r s  has come to an end. I am absolutely floored to be able to finally reveal the bounteous fruits of all the hard… Read More

S i t t e r s video preview

All the action is over at the  s i t t e r s  blog at the mo!The Video preview has been released and all the final images will be up on the blog on Friday. Only 2… Read More

Get Ready…

Sitters from eoin carey on Vimeo. Only 2 days to wait! Keep your eyes peeled on the blog on Friday to see the final images from  s i t t e r s. e

The final push

  Night is setting on the shooting of  s i t t e r s  i am glad to report. With over 21 successful shoots in the bag it is running into deadline territory and time to curb… Read More

From the rooftops

With early arrival of our famously short-lived Scottish summer, it made sense to make the best of it. And for that we need the basics: a toilet and altitude. Que expedition! Back on the bus with the full… Read More

24 frames in the day

  Like a film unfolding, everything is spooling along smoothly and nicely at the moment. Here is a round-up of some of the schemes and scenarios that have kept us all busy over the last few weeks. The… Read More

On tour: the journey continues

Ride on! Things on the s i t t e r s  front have been very busy recently. Arthur’s not had an easy time of it either, we’ve both been hard on the trail (and the bus) working… Read More